Believe on facts, not your guess

Back in the days, entrepreneurs and businessmen thought that if they would come up with a creative idea for a product or service, then it will sell. This way they tried their luck again and again until finally they discovered or created something that people really liked. What were the odds that they failed back in the days doing this? probably just a few and it worked for them.

Well it worked for them because, there were much fewer products and services compared to what it is today. If we tried the same technique today chances are that we will fail 99 times before making a safe landing hypothetically. In reality we’d already have been bankrupt before attempting 99 times or exhausted all our thoughts.

Though big businesses these days rely on reverse technique by studying the market first before attempting to sky dive, many search engine marketers, web masters and web designers still make the mistake of guessing their own keywords which they think will get traffic to their website. Most of the times this guessing is wrong.

Even though keywords selected are excellent and relevant to a business model, they have no way of knowing how much competition there is for that keywords.

For example put website development in keywords and search engine may pull list of books from amazon or meaning of website development from a dictionary or website development article from Wikipedia and your website seems to be found no where as competing with giants is impossible.

Put tour in your keywords and your tour agency will never be found anywhere. Chances are better that we target niche keywords like tour someplace but yet we don’t know how many people look for it.

Therefore it is imperative to rely on facts that will tell the competition versus searches, carefully analyses those according how relevant it is to your business and how you want to use those to drive traffic.

99 Dollar Webmaster can tell you exactly the facts; competitions vs searches. We can analyses those data to bring in people that really want to buy your service or product instead of typing for another keyword on Google.