• Agile Project Management and Rally

    I know this is just out of the blue. It is not a project or anything. Just today I was explaining our developer how Agile works and it has become almost the de-facto methodology replacing waterfall. He seemed to buy into what I was saying. I told him how we need to embrace change rather … Continue reading Agile Project Management and Rally

  • Power of Blogging for SEO

    Blogging can add a tremendous value. I have myself found solutions to numerous problems in Blogs as posts in blogs tend to be a genuine and honest problem a person is facing. Most probably he is not focused on anything else other a curiosity to find a solution desperately. Its a way to build an … Continue reading Power of Blogging for SEO

  • Using Modx

    Modx is a great piece of content management application with clean interface and design. The best part is it is easy to use and if you need a web design for small business you don’t need to use Joomla or WordPress or other comprehensive CMS. Modx is definitely the way to go for small business … Continue reading Using Modx