Power of Blogging for SEO

Blogging can add a tremendous value. I have myself found solutions to numerous problems in Blogs as posts in blogs tend to be a genuine and honest problem a person is facing. Most probably he is not focused on anything else other a curiosity to find a solution desperately.

Its a way to build an online community and this is why I have added 10 users today for sharing and exchanging our problems, ideas and knowledge. Down the line as this community grows, there will be enormous amount of content regarding Web Development, Design and SEO; enough to be able to found on Google by users. There will be more keywords to be searched spread out in an ocean of contents.

No matter what best tools we use to extract keywords and how many links we submit to directories and search engines and write articles and submit those to article directories in hopes that Google will increase Page Ranks and Alexa will increase Alexa Ranks, content will always be the king.

Therefore the best way to do it is to integrate a blog into your site and start building content by not only yourself but by as many users as you want. Once the blog is linked back to the site, it will optimize the site as well as bring relevant traffic and leads.