Placing Google Maps on your Contact Page without iframe

In a chaotic web world full of websites, it is a very good idea and a trend to show the Google Maps location to your business on the contact page, homepage or somewhere on the website. Local business can greatly benefit from it.

If picture is worth a thousand words, Google maps is certainly worth a million words. Now, as this seems a fairly good idea, it may seem as easy as copy and pasting Google maps screen shot and cutting it out on Photoshop.

Someone said, “If you want to make a person do something, sometimes it is only necessary to make that thing difficult” and trust me Google maps is not cut and paste easy as it seems and this only makes it interesting enough for us to pursue. (well if you don’t use iframe; which I am not a big fan of)

Here’s the JavaScript Google Code that you can paste it into your webpage that currently will show 99 Dollar Webmaster location.

Now, all you need to do is to change the latitude, longitude field in the line var center = new GLatLng(41.229636877216485, -96.1358642578125); and keep your own latitude and longitude.

Now how do you find your latitude longitude?

Visit this website of Steve Morse and convert your physical address into latitude and longitude and replace it on the above line.